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Diane Kruger naked and spread-legged pics

Monday, March 23rd, 2009

It’s hard to imagine a hot and sexy A-list Hollywood celeb doing nude photography of a porn variety. But all actresses are basically sluts, because why else would they appear nude in movies, fake-fucking a different guy every flick, and parade around town like the famewhores they are? And German-born actress Diane Kruger is no different. Yes, we have found some rather revealing photos of the National Treasure hottie where she gamely spreads her legs and shows off her rather hairy pussy. And no surprise here – the carpet don’t match the drapes! Most of these blondes aren’t naturals, but isn’t it just proper when you’re getting your cunt photographed that you’d at least consider dyeing it the same shade as the hair on your head?

At least she learned in these next few pics. Instead of applying some scary bleach to your bush, she just shaves a lot of it off and goes au naturel. I wonder if the guy who was doing the waxing got a boner while executing this process. I know I would. I’d whip out my schlong and fuck her right there in the depilatory room, pubic hair flying all over the place. Make sure I give her one of my own “national treasures” as some chicks I’ve banged have called it.

But make no mistake. Whether dark or light, shaved or not, I’d still take this hot lady any way shape or form. Her sexy form would be mine for the taking and I would cover every inch of her skin with my spunk, before I scoop it all up and feed it to her. I know that’s far from happening in real life, but these naked pics will definitely point me in the right direction, even if I’m just alone in my room, thinking of ways to conquer this blonde goddess. You will too, so check them out to get off on Diane Kruger Naked.