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Diane Kruger naked Helen of Troy and nude National Treasure pics

Monday, March 23rd, 2009

You just can’t keep a horny slut clothed, no matter how big they get in Hollywood. Diane Kruger was the object of affection for many a Tinseltown leading man, but it seems like the affections of Brad Pitt, Eric Bana, Orlando Bloom, and Nicolas Cage aren’t enough for her. She wants every man in the world to find her fucking hot. So, what does she do? She references her most famous roles to date and re-created them in the nude!

Here’s Diane posing for a proposed character poster for the blockbuster National Treasure. Clever use of the X marks the spot trail leading down to her tasty cooch. That’s the real national treasure right there. Spread-legged on a rock in front of Mount Rushmore, those dead presidents sure have something to gawk at. It’s not everyday a horny slut poses in front of them. Good thing their whole¬† bodies weren’t carved into the mountain or they’ll have a hard time hiding their rock-boners. If this was one of the posters used to promote the film, it could’ve easily been the highest-grossing movie of all time toppling off that Titanic shit.

But before Diane became a household name thanks to Bruckheimer and Co., she was the muse that sparked a war in the epic Troy where she played the beautiful Helen. In the pic above that could’ve been a very interesting promo still for the film, Diane channels her inner Greek goddess and poses without abandon in rich gold jewelry and nothing else. She’s somewhat warrior-like but completely and utterly fuckable still. Her small, pert nipples perfectly centered on her round, tasty jugs. But it’s her pubes that your eyes are drawn to, leading down into her soft, wet pussy.

So even if she’s in a modern action film or a period epic movie, Diane Kruger defninitely embodies sexiness in whatever she does. And these naked pics of her surely adds to that cock-hardening persona. So check out all the steamy pics now!