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Busty Diane Kruger fucks wild on a couch

Tuesday, August 16th, 2016

German beauty, Diane Kruger, has made a lot of fans and bashers alike while she was on the first few years of her career in modelling. Bashers in a way that most of these people were actually too jealous of her success that they would do anything and everything just to ruin her. First, there was an issue of some chick making up a story about how Kruger have stolen her boyfriend from her and that she thought she was only being their friend, who she later finds out that is true, except that part that Kruger is a friend with a ton of benefits. Turns out, the dude is really a prick who would get his cock up for any female species with this kind of a perfect body and tongue and mouth that works wonders on his hard on. There’s no jealous GF and that was just one of ’em crazy fanatics wishing she was Kruger with those breasts and pussy that this hunk enjoys.

Sexy busty Diane Kruger going wild in naughty fuck action with pal

Now let’s go back to the best part of this post, Diane Kruger and her dirty deeds. She sucks a cock in the most sensual way, you’d swear you could explode in just under 3 minutes from the moment she wraps her lips around your shaft. This made her fuck toy eat her pussy up and Kruger eventually ends up humping on that throbbing cock until she makes it cum loads on her face. This is one of the perks of having a lot of available friends in the fashion industry, who would be all too willing to bang anyone for the sake of their career advancement. Kruger doesn’t need the extra push but she’s one wild chick who just wants to have fun!

Diane Kruger Naked, Because We Like Her!

Thursday, April 29th, 2010

Here’s another nude pic of the lovely Diane Kruger and we just can’t get enough of this German actress’ beautiful, almost angelic face and her sexy Aryan body!  Fresh off the success of Inglorious Basterds, this classic German beauty is again giving all of us a view of her sexy nude body, with their yummy titties and her trimmed, moist snatch.  What drives this beauty to continually show her naked body to the world like this?  I can only guess that it’s her European heritage, nudity not being as big a taboo in the other continent as it does here.  Or maybe she just likes keeping her boyfriend Joshua Jackson on his toes and letting him know that there are legions of fans out there lusting for her!  Whatever the case, you can find more naked pics of this hottie on this site, in case the ones we posted here aren’t enough!