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Diane Kruger fucks guys, girls, and groups hardcore

Monday, March 23rd, 2009

If her lame sex scenes in Troy and Wicker Park leave you blue-balled and wanting more, have I got a treat for all of you Diane Kruger fans. The blonde sexpot sure has an appetite for the freaky, since sex is clearly a recreational sport for her — she does it with whomever would get her off.

Exhibit A: With the help of a blonde slut, Diane gets her first girl-on-girl experience, and luckily enough a camera was there to capture the hotness. Diane seems a bit ticklish as the chick slides her tongue all over her naked body, and down to her bellybutton where she’s about to eat out the National Treasure star. But as you can see, her nipples are erect as ever. They look so hard in fact I think they could cut glass. She’s clearly turned on by the touch of another horny babe, and I’m sure her thong underwear is just soaking wet.

Exhibit B: Diane has this huge smile on her face as she rides one fat cock. He grabs her ass for balance, but she doesn’t seem to be concerned with that. She grabs her massive titties ’cause obviously she’s so turned on by her own hot frame. What a lucky bastard this dude is, but Diane looks more concerned with reaching an orgasm that the nameless dick shoved up her cunt.

Exhibit C: In what looks like a lull in filming of the epic Troy, Diane decides to have a hot gangbang with three faceless dudes (could they be Eric Bana, Orlando Bloom, and Brad Pitt?) where, after hours of serious fucking, they all surround her and use her as a cumdump. She clearly relishes the feel of hot jizz all over her creamy skin as the three dudes shoot all over her one by one. I can imagine her licking it all off, putting back on her costume, and strolling onto the set to continue shooting. Man, why can’t that be on the bonus features on the DVD?

If you wanna see more of these filthy fuck pics of naked Diane Kruger, check this site out and find some very hot shots of her doing the nasty with anyone who would pleasure her pussy.

Diane Kruger naked Helen of Troy and nude National Treasure pics

Monday, March 23rd, 2009

You just can’t keep a horny slut clothed, no matter how big they get in Hollywood. Diane Kruger was the object of affection for many a Tinseltown leading man, but it seems like the affections of Brad Pitt, Eric Bana, Orlando Bloom, and Nicolas Cage aren’t enough for her. She wants every man in the world to find her fucking hot. So, what does she do? She references her most famous roles to date and re-created them in the nude!

Here’s Diane posing for a proposed character poster for the blockbuster National Treasure. Clever use of the X marks the spot trail leading down to her tasty cooch. That’s the real national treasure right there. Spread-legged on a rock in front of Mount Rushmore, those dead presidents sure have something to gawk at. It’s not everyday a horny slut poses in front of them. Good thing their whole¬† bodies weren’t carved into the mountain or they’ll have a hard time hiding their rock-boners. If this was one of the posters used to promote the film, it could’ve easily been the highest-grossing movie of all time toppling off that Titanic shit.

But before Diane became a household name thanks to Bruckheimer and Co., she was the muse that sparked a war in the epic Troy where she played the beautiful Helen. In the pic above that could’ve been a very interesting promo still for the film, Diane channels her inner Greek goddess and poses without abandon in rich gold jewelry and nothing else. She’s somewhat warrior-like but completely and utterly fuckable still. Her small, pert nipples perfectly centered on her round, tasty jugs. But it’s her pubes that your eyes are drawn to, leading down into her soft, wet pussy.

So even if she’s in a modern action film or a period epic movie, Diane Kruger defninitely embodies sexiness in whatever she does. And these naked pics of her surely adds to that cock-hardening persona. So check out all the steamy pics now!

Diane Kruger naked and spread-legged pics

Monday, March 23rd, 2009

It’s hard to imagine a hot and sexy A-list Hollywood celeb doing nude photography of a porn variety. But all actresses are basically sluts, because why else would they appear nude in movies, fake-fucking a different guy every flick, and parade around town like the famewhores they are? And German-born actress Diane Kruger is no different. Yes, we have found some rather revealing photos of the National Treasure hottie where she gamely spreads her legs and shows off her rather hairy pussy. And no surprise here – the carpet don’t match the drapes! Most of these blondes aren’t naturals, but isn’t it just proper when you’re getting your cunt photographed that you’d at least consider dyeing it the same shade as the hair on your head?

At least she learned in these next few pics. Instead of applying some scary bleach to your bush, she just shaves a lot of it off and goes au naturel. I wonder if the guy who was doing the waxing got a boner while executing this process. I know I would. I’d whip out my schlong and fuck her right there in the depilatory room, pubic hair flying all over the place. Make sure I give her one of my own “national treasures” as some chicks I’ve banged have called it.

But make no mistake. Whether dark or light, shaved or not, I’d still take this hot lady any way shape or form. Her sexy form would be mine for the taking and I would cover every inch of her skin with my spunk, before I scoop it all up and feed it to her. I know that’s far from happening in real life, but these naked pics will definitely point me in the right direction, even if I’m just alone in my room, thinking of ways to conquer this blonde goddess. You will too, so check them out to get off on Diane Kruger Naked.